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December 2009
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Portnoy [userpic]
"And Katie can't stop squeezing the elephant."

OK, that's really odd.  As regular readers know, my live journal pic has for lo these many years been a picture of an elephant taken on safari way back in 1999.  Now, without my having done anything to my LJ pics, it's been replaced with a totally different picture.

Even more disturbing, that picture appears to be of Katie Holmes.

For those of you wondering what's happened to my head that I've promoted Katie to my LJ, it's totally not my fault.  But I'm going to blame Scientology.

And now I have to find that elephant picture again...

Update:  Elephant is back.


Similar things started happening with my puzzle userpic. Sometimes, some users saw one of three other userpics (none mine) instead. Deleting and recreating the userpic (with the same keyword) seems to have solved the problem.

FWIW, at the moment I'm seeing the pachyderm userpic.

That happened to one of mine. The one that used to be a picture of me and the Genie at Disneyland turned into two people making out on a bridge. I ended up just completely deleting it since I didnt have the original and didnt want it to seem like "Dawn and Genie" were those people