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December 2009
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Portnoy [userpic]
"And I think calling him that is an insult to the psychotic lowlife community."

For an actor whose name people don't usually know, Mark Sheppard sure has been getting a lot of work.

I swear, this guy appears on every drama series I see lately.  A few years ago I first noticed him as "Badger" on Firefly, and he then popped up as a terrorist on 24.  After he gets offed by another terrorist on that show, he turns up as Romo Lampkin on BSG.  He was in the pilot of Bionic Woman before that show turned to crap, and now he's in the middle of recurring bits on both Dollhouse and the season finale of Leverage.  Plus, in the past couple of months I've turned on my TV to find him on In Plain Sight and Burn Notice.  I swear, this guy must have the hardest-working agent in showbiz.

Oh, and for classic sci-fi fans, here's a neat tidbit -- his father was Blank Reg on Max Headroom.

Don't know why I felt the need to write about it, but I feel like this guy's stalking me now when I watch TV...


I shared an elevator with both son and father at Gen Con two years ago. A fanboy made the mistake of recognizing them and saying something stupid, and they ribbed him unmercifully all the way to the 20th floor. Good stuff.

And yes, he's probably stalking you.

He was also in the final two episodes of "The Middleman." Which is an awesome tv show that everyone should watch. DVDs in July!